The beginnings of ICE AGES date back to the year 1994, which marked the release of the debut album "Strike the Ground". ICE AGES is the sole creation of mastermind Richard Lederer, well-known for his bands DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS and Austrian legends SUMMONING. Whereas DVKE carry a more melancholic-orchestral sound and SUMMONING an epic and fantastic soundscape, ICE AGES present the listener with a darker and more aggressive and even hostile atmosphere.

It took six years before the second album would see the light of day. "This Killing Emptiness" was released by Napalm Records in the year 2000 and continued in the footsteps laid out by its predecessor. However, the music on this album possesses an improved sound quality and more sophisticated songwriting, which blends ominously with the ever-present deep and distorted voice (and sometimes raw and clearer voice) of Richard Lederer.

In contrast to other releases in the electro scene, the rhythmical structure of ICE AGES is more complicated and the tunes more polyphonic, making the band frontrunners and innovators of the genre. Richard does not follow trends or the vogue of the moment, but creates his unique and one-of-a-kind blend of dark and sluggish melodies.

Due to problems with his other musical projects, Richard was forced to take a rather long and undesired rest, and ICE AGES disappeared from the face of the earth. Nevertheless, this time was not wasted idly and Richard threw himself into work. Richard started to deal very intensely with new software synthesizers (mainly "Reaktor 5") in order to get more sound possibilities and a wider flexibility of sound creation for ICE AGES. Enriched with this experience and new knowledge, Richard started to write new songs. The writing did not take long and the songs came together rather quick.

Once again, Richard reverted to the lyrical assistance of Gregorii Petrenko, who wrote all-new and exclusive lyrics for "Buried Silence"

Fans of mastermind Richard Lederer have endured eight long years of suffering in anticipation of "Buried Silence," his ripest and darkest work thus far. Threatening mechanical and electronic sounds form the foundation of the disparate tracks in which Richard performs his distorted and otherworldly vocals. The end result of this obscure mix is unique MELODIC INDUSTRIAL
DARKWAVE that, with its clean production, allows each detail to ring out and invites the listener to follow ICE AGES into a dark and ominous sonic universe.